Sunday, May 15, 2005

Located Near The What?

So I was at a department store trying stuff on today and I needed to find a dressing room. I was tired of walking around aimlessly looking for one myself so I decided to ask someone. Now let's take a second here and analyze the situation. If I have no clue where the dressing room is, wouldn't that tell you that I am not very familiar with the layout of the store? I would think so. Apparently the woman that was giving me directions to the dressing room didn't think about that. Her response to my inquiry was: "The dressing room is located around the corner from men's loungewear, across from infant and toddler wear, and next to men's socks." Ummmmmmmmm.......ok. I thanked the woman and began on my journey before realizing that everything she had just told me did nothing more twist up my mental map of Dillards even more than it was before. So my original search was for the dressing room and now I am lost again and feeling weird about asking clerks where the infant and toddler section is. So after five laps around the men's section, three passes of the women's lingerie section, and two sweaty armpits later, I finally found the dressing room. Next time I think I will have the Dillards lady hold my hand and walk me there. Am I a tard or do people just give completely worthless directions in department stores?


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