Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Silent rave with wireless headphones

As a former "dance music afficianado", it sure is nice to see someone finally coming up with a solution for the governments' deceptive attemspts to kill dance music. Since about 2000, the governement has been working with authorities to stop all dance music festivals(aka Raves). However, since they cant shut down a show because of dance music's historic ties to drug use, they must come up with bull shit excuses to shut down the events. In the case of UK's Glastonbury Festival, the alleged reason is noise. Well isnt that a load of crap. I can understand that the government wants to stop/slow down drug use, but this is not the way to do it. I mean why do they have to pick on dance music? It isnt like there are a bunch of church-going virgins attending rock concerts. At your average Ozzfest, I would guess that at least 35% of the attendance is on some sort of drug. My point is that stopping dance music events isnt going to stop drug use. All it is going to do is move it to another venue. So do us dance music lovers a favor and re-align your attempts at stopping drug use. And Glastonbury, you guys are awesome!!!


I am Rick James, Bitch!

I am sure that you have seen these, but I found them online the other day and thought that they were definitely worth seeing 4 or 5 more times. Just right click on them and "Save As".

Get The Videos Here

Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Octopuses running like humans?

This really freaks me out for some reason. Watch the video. | CNET

It's Gonna Be A Good Day

Do you ever have one of those mornings where you just know that it is going to be a good day? As rare as they are, I actually had one today. I actually got up early for once. I made myself a good breakfast with eggs,ham, and a bagel. The bagel is actually what triggered the idea for this entry. If I had just been making breakfast it would have been any other day. But the difference today was that just as I was scooping my eggs onto my plate, the bagel popped out of the toaster. Now to some, this might not mean anything. To me, it means that I can actually eat all of my food at once instead of being interrupted. Usually, the bagel comes out too early and by the time that I eat it with my meal, it is cold...or it comes out too early and I have to get back up after I have already started eating to go get it. So the bagel's timing this morning couldnt have been better. Then, to top things off, I gathered my dining materials and convened in the living room just as the Sports Center intro was playing. I hate it when I get all of my food ready, I sit down to watch TV, and it is like 6:57. Now I am going to be stuck watching like 5 minutes of commercials before I even get to any real content. That really annoys me. But not today!!!! So let me get this straight: I have a full plate of eggs and ham, a perfectly toasted, warm bagel, an ice cold glass of milk, thiry minutes before I have to leave for work, and Sports Center is just starting. I have a good feeling about today. We will see if there is any correlation between the smoothness of morning preparation and daily goodness.

Saturday, March 26, 2005

Collisions With Trains

"Collisions of trains with roadway vehicles - and the fatalities they cause - have declined steadily over the past decade, yet still, someone in America is hit by a train every 115 minutes, often with catastrophic results. A motorist is 30 times more likely to be killed in a collision with a train than with another motor vehicle. Most of these crashes happen at the nation's 280,000 roadway-railway crossings."

Am I the only one that finds it strange that not all collisions between cars and trains occur at roadway-railway crossings. Where the hell else could they happen? I guess a train could hop off the track, travel down the highway, and strike a vehicle. Other than that, does anybody have any ideas? As you can see, my focus is definitely not on the right things as I am taking my defensive driving course. HA!

Online Defensive Driving

Well here I am at Starbucks taking my online defensive driving course. While this is not exactly exciting, I have learned some pretty interesting things. Most notable: old people cant drive worth a crap. While people over the age of 65 only make up about 10% of the driving poplulation, they are the cause of roughly 13% of traffic deaths and 17% of pedestrian deaths. That is plain scary. As I read these types of statistics, my first reaction is to tell old people to stay off of the roads. However, as I think about it more, I realize that when I am 65, there is no doubt that I will be on the road. There is no stopping old folks from driving so maybe there should be a focus on an alternative method of decreasing the driving related fatalities caused by geezers on the road. Maybe some sort of mandate on the size of the vehicles driven by folks over 65. The way I figure it, the ratio of fatalities to accidents when talking about the older drivers is so high because the percentage of old folks driving big old clunker cars is so high. It seems pretty obvious to me that if we can put old folks in some little geo metros or something that the fatalities would significantly decrease. Sure the chance of death goes up for the person(s) in the geo, but the chance of death would be significantly decreased for all others involved. Just a thought. Although when I am 65, I am going to be driving the biggest hunk of metal that I can find and I am going to be taking out all of those jack ass, tailgating, no driving honkies that annoy me on a daily basis. Sorry if I add to the bad statistics, but somebody has got to do it.

Friday, March 25, 2005

A Good Online Experience

As a follow up to my post about having ahard time with AOL, I just had a wonderful online experience and thought that I would share. I got a magazine subscription from this company and they accidentally billed me twice. I noticed the double charge on my account, called the company, and within 10 seconds the representative had apologized for the charge and issued a credit to my account. Now that is how customer service is supposed to work. And as a reward for all my faithful readers, I have attached a link to the website where they have an incredible deal on a maxim/stuff/blender subscription. I got those three mags and GQ for $14. Pretty sweet!!!

Magazine Deal

AOL Sucks The Big One

So I tried one of those stupid schemes where you are supposed to sign up for two offers and then you get a free gift card or iPod or whatever. doesnt work. Not only that, but I learned that cancelling AOL is a big pain in the ace. AOL was one of the things that I signed up for because I figured that it would be nice and simple to cancel my plan if I needed to. Boy was that wrong. First off, is it just me or do companies make cancelling accounts excruciatingly difficult. I am sure that they do this on purpose, but it sure as hell doesnt make it right. I mean why the hell do I have to call and talk to a customer service rep to cancel my freakin account. I will tell you why. It is because AOL employs people that love to harrass the hell out of you over the phone. All I wanted to do was cancel my account. Nice and simple. Well not according to Billy the phone operator.

Billy: Well sir, what can we do to keep with you AOL today?

Me: Nothing. I just want to cancel.

Billy: Can I ask why sir?

Me: I just want to cancel!!!

Billy: Well how about we continue your 2 week trial and then if you decide to cancel you can call back.

Me: NOOOOO!!!!! I want to cancel now so that I dont have to deal with the hassle of remembering again in two weeks and then getting billed.

Billy: Well we here at AOL dont cause a hassle for you. How do you feel that we are causing a hassle? We will send an email reminder and the a simple phone call and you will be cancelled.

Me: No...This is the hassle I am talking about you blabbering jack ass. Cancel my damn account right now!!!!!!

Billy: Ok sir....your account has now been cancelled...thank you for choosing AOL. I hope you have a wonderful day now that I have thoroughly pissed you off at me and my piece of crap company.


I will never try to get anything free ever again!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Man Grows Penis on His Arm

So the article says that this guy had his penis removed, then attached to his forearm where it grew an extra four inches, and then re-attached to his groin. The operation was said to have taken 11 hours, but how long did this guy have a penis growing on his arm? There is no way that it grew four inches in 11 hours. I guess if I had a 2-and-a-half inch penis I could handle growing a penis on my arm for a while. Plus, the guy is from Russia so I imagine he could just wear long sleeves all of the time.


Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Rules of the Shotgun Call

I think that it is about time to clear up the rules of the shotgun call. Everytime we eat as a group at work, the rules come into question. So let's break it down.

Rule 1: All riders must be outside of the site of of origin before any call can be made.
Rule 2: If the source vehicle changes after all shotgun and bucket calls have been made, the calls must be re-stated. All original claims are non-transferrable.
Rule 3: There will be no use of the machine gun call (Using a rapid fire shotgun call in order to prohibit other participants from calling gun....ex. Repetitiviely calling shotgun, shotgun, shotgun)
Rule 4: All callers must use the full name of the seat position that they are calling. Abbreviated position calls are null.
Rule 5: If for any reason the owner of the source vehicle can not drive, the shotgun is defaulted to them.
Rule 6: If an occupant of the vehicle is handicapped, they are automatically granted all shotgun privileges. In the case of multiple handicapped riders, the group must decide who is considered more handicapped.

Free Promotional Codes for Online Shopping

This site has promotional codes for tons of different online merchants. You should check this site out before you buy anything else online.

When Can You Start Being Cheap?

While discussing dating with a friend, the topic of coupon usage came up. At what point in a relationship is it alright to use a coupon on a date. Ideally, you should be able to use one at any juncture of the relationship. Unfortunately, not all women feel that way. The use of a coupon too early along in the dating cycle can signal to some that you are cheap. As much as you may disagree, it is definitely true. However, my rule of thumb is that if a woman that I am dating is the type that would look down upon me for using a coupon, then they probably aren't the type of woman that I would want to date anyway. Unfortuantely, sometimes the thinker below the belt has another agenda. Sometimes the use of the coupon can get in the way of that agenda at which time all principle flies out the window. So I say, use those coupons as early as you want, but just remember that sometimes you might have to swallow your pride about the coupon in order to get the most bang for your buck.

How to Be Cheap

St. Patrick's Day Chicago Style

Mmm... I wonder if it taste like apples?
Originally uploaded by Agent42.

How cool is the city of Chicago. They dye the Chicago River green for St. Patrick's Day. I wonder if it tastes like apples.

eBay Is Awesome!!!

For any of you out there that didnt know already, eBay is awesome!!! If anything it unleashes the creative mind of our youth as shown here. Selling his body at such a young age....Stu you are so clever my man. I hope you steal the young philly's heart. Well techinically, I guess she payed you to do it.

Friday, March 18, 2005

Dr. Phil In The Fine Town of Elgin,TX - - Hilarious!!!!

Dr. Phil Does Elgin, Texas

Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Weird Pee Guy

Does this strike anybody else as odd or is just me?

So I am using the urinal at the gym the other day and this dude walks up to use the urnial next to me. Now before I continue, let me add a disclaimer to this entry. I know the rule about urinal usage. Keep your eyes on the road and things wont be weird. I always follow the rule, but this sighting occured as I was washing my hands and I accidentally saw this through the mirror. Ok....glad we got that cleared up. Moving along. So instead of the normal urniation techniques(through the zipper or over the top of the pant), this particular gentleman used the "pull the pant leg up" technique. In case you dont get it, he pulled his penis out through the pant leg of his shorts to pee. Is that normal? At first I was laughing. Then, I realized that homeboy might have some sort of catheter or something. But then, I saw another person doing it. What the hell? It is like the Seinfeld episode where everyone starts to eat their Snickers bars with a knife and fork. Except that made a little sense. This is just freakin weird. Does anybody see the benifit of this odd technique? If you do, please humor me.

A Day to Remember

I dont know about anyone else, but I sure do have a difficult time remembering all of my friends' and family members' birthdays. All except one that is. I have a friend(we will keep his name anonymous) whose birthday is forever emblazoned into my memory. The story is well worth sharing.

At the tender of age of 10 or so, a boy begins to wonder about the opposite sex. He begins experiencing strange sensations in the nether regions. You know what I am talking about. Some may have a vivid enough imagination to be satisfied with the images conjured up in their head, but I needed more than that to satisfy my curiosity about the female body. I am talking about some good ol Playboy magazines. But where on earth was a young horn dog like me supposed to find such clandestined literature. Little did I know that my childhood fantasies would soon become fulfilled. While looking through his garage one day, my best friend stumbled upon the holy grail of adolescence. An entire stack of vintage Playboy magazines baby. Life has never been as glorious as it was the day that he told me of his discovery. And where were these magazines kept for safe keeping you might ask. In a leather briefcase of course. One in which only he and I shared access to. The code to the safe.....his birthday of course: 3/10. I will never forget that birthday for the rest of my life and I will never forget laying my eyes on that first beautifully naked woman. Thank you and your birthday will never be forgotten.

Friday, March 11, 2005

Lake Shore Chicago Style

Originally uploaded by mccloskeymd.

This is probably the coolest picture that I have from my trip to Chicago. The picture was taken from the observation deck of Hancock Center.

Thursday, March 10, 2005

Sunday Night Football @ EspnZone in Chicago Posted by Hello

The Best Game Ever!!!

While I was in Chicago this past weekend, Mason and I discovered one of the best kept secrets of all times....The Sunday Night Football toss. The game consists of two moving "receivers" with holes in their chests, into which you are to throw as many footballs as possible in 2 minutes. It was a two player game, so Mason and I quickly became entrenched in a quarterback challenge for the ages. I still feel that I am the better quarterback, but Mason did take me down according to the game's score. That was round 1. It didnt take us long to scrounge up another $25 to play with. Round 2 ended in a draw and both of us complaining of injured rotator cuffs. Well worth it!!!

Sunday, March 06, 2005

Tired of Thinking

Here I am in the great city of Chicago, at one of the coolest musuems I have ever been to, and I cant for the life of me make myself read any of the displays or study any of the pieces. Damn...I am just tired of thinking. I have been absorbing information all damn day long and my tired brain needs a rest. But there is so much more to see. So much more to learn. When is the next time I will be at this musuem? When is the next time that I will get to see the unique art of plastination? Probably not for a very long time. But somehow, I find it alright to walk around in a state of mental numbness. Not really taking anything in. More like me staring at things, but not registering anything about the object in my sight. Looking at the words that make up the description of the piece even though I wouldnt be able to tell you a damn thing about what I had just "read" if you asked me. Ha. What does it take to keep a train of thought? You could tell me, but I probably wouldnt remember what you said. Ah....screw it......I am crazy.