Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Pimp My Shopping Cart

Pimp My Shopping Cart
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Just when I thought I had seen the most ridiculous use of money for the homeless(the LA homeless shelter), I read this article and was even more amazed. This is the coolest idea ever!!! The "pimped" shopping cart was given out to "Ja" the homeless man a few days ago as part of a giveaway on a radio station. The $3000 cart featrues a LCD screen, GPS tracking, a mini fridge, 10" wheels, a slide out seat, an alarm with strobe lights, 81 neon and LED lights, a tent, solar powered battery charging system, and the coolest automatic can crusher. As weird as it sounds, I am a little jealous. This thing is freakin sweet. Would the homeless man been a little better off with $3000? Probably, but then he wouldnt be pimpin all of the bag ladies like a true street player does it. Word. Your cart has officially been pimped!



Blogger Angie said...

Wow, brings a whole new light to the world of Ghetto! Who’d a thought? Pimping out a grocery cart, wow! I thought I was cool when I got to ride around in those cool toy trucks at the super market (you know the ones for kiddos) but look now, I’m jealous! That’s so ghetto, straight ghetto! I mean who needs $3,000.00 for food and shelter when you can pimp out a grocery cart; I mean its common sense right?! ONLY NOT SO MUCH!

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