Monday, April 04, 2005

Man....I Smell Like A Woman

I need some feedback on a situation that I am sure all of guys have found yourselves in. While staying at the home/apt. of a woman(sister, girlfriend, whomever it may be) in which a male does not live, what is the rule on using feminine soap and/or shampoo? I am pretty hygienic and I like to carry quite a few toiletries when I travel, but bringing my own soap and shampoo is a little much typically. But over the weekend, I realized that sometimes the places I stay only offer a scented soap or shampoo that tends to make me smell like a woman. So you ask yourself: Should I smell like a woman or should I skip the soap and shampoo? Being the clean person I am, I usually opt to smell ike a woman. As of late though, I have begun to question this move. Especially after a weekend of smelling like a meadow blossom. Not only that, but the only way to apply the soap was via a purple loofah. I dont know about you, but I feel a little fruity(no pun intended...the loofah comes from a fruit...ha)doing this. So maybe the rule should be that you can use the scented soap or shampoo if it is an extended stay(more than one night or use of the shower), but if it is just a one night deal, then you should avoid the scent and skip the wash. I mean how much cleaner are you when you use soap as opposed to letting the water clean you off. It cant be that big of a deal right? Let me know your thoughts guys and gals.


Anonymous Ethan said...

The thing with all scents is that they are more noticible when they are new to you. After a while your olfactory shoves it into the background of usual everyday scents -- hence that guy at the bar that everyone can smell from 15 feet away... he's used to the smell so he keeps putting on cologne until he can smell it which means everyone else is highly aware of the fragrence. Note, the rule of thumb on cologne (from How to be a Gentleman) is that only people entering your personal space should be able to smell it/you. I think the same applies to fruity soap. You're the only one that will notice. Better to be a clean meadowblossom than a greasy, smelly guest.

9:46 AM  
Blogger Angie said...

So here's my take...cleanliness is always a necessity, heck if you're completely comfortable with your masculinity then go for it, who's to say you shouldn't be clean with a lil froufrou in ya?! I do understand your point b/c I too have been in your situation just on the other side. I've stayed at a gentleman's place and he only had guy soap, which really sucked. It was that even worse I think, it was that soap Old Spice, and I too was like, "do I clean myself and smell rustic and manly or do I not?!" I made the decision to take the plunge, so to make up for the rustic, cologne like smell, I just dressed sexier that day! LOL! It all boils down to "you gotta do what you gotta do" OR take your own soap/shampoo. PS: on a completey sporadic note...when staying at these female locations MEN please put the toilet seat down!!!!!!

9:50 AM  
Blogger Mikey-D said...

I always put the toilet seat down. The question is, do you leave the toilet seat up when your at a man's house? what.

9:56 AM  
Anonymous action80 said...

I agree with Ethan. I do not think that many people will notice that you smell like flowers. Also, you could just make sure that you walk around with a girl for that day so that if someone does smell you, they will just assume it is the girl. The only problem you could have is if you go back to your girlfriend smelling like flowers, that would be bad. If that was the case, I think it would be better to smell bad.

11:04 AM  
Blogger Angie said...

Of course I do...I'm a great woman, what can I say!!! HA! TAKE THAT!

11:23 AM  

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