Saturday, April 16, 2005

Group Project Flashbacks

I am sitting here at Starbucks trying to get some work done, but all I can do is listen to the arguing graduate school group sitting across from me. It is bringing so many memories back from my group projects back at UT. It is also really putting a bad taste in my mouth about going back to school to get my masters. So let's break down the four players in this group so that you can see exactly what is going on here.

Player No. 1: We have the typical older man of the group. While 3 of the group members are right around 27 or 28, this guy is about 40. He is older than most of the group, but he is also probably the most leve-headed member. He has good input and keeps his emotions in check.

Player No. 2: You have got your typical slacker in the group. To start, he decided that it would be a good idea to bring his infant child with him to the group meeting. The group has steadily gotten louder in order to be heard over the whining of the grumpy child. This member is also the one that thinks that the project is already good and doesnt think that it needs any more work. When the group gets into any serious talks about what should be done, he completely zones out or gets up to use the restroom again. Despite his laziness, he is my favorite of the group because he just let the jerk of the group have it. He called him uptight and negative. It was great.

Player No. 3: This guy is your typical middle-of-the-road group member. He has good input, he pays attention, and he pipes up when he doesnt agree, but in an acceptable manner. When the other members dont agree with one of his opinions, he silently nods out as he knows that he has been outvoted and doesn't take offense. He is a good member of the group.

Player No. 4: Now to the jerk off of the group. I really want to get up and punch this guy in the face. He is the facilitator of the group, but he is a complete ass about it. He loves voicing his opinion, but has no patience when anyone else wants to speak. He doesnt pay attention when others talk and if he happens to hear something that he disagrees with, he gets this look on his face like he is absolutley disgusted with mankind and that his opinions are the only ones on earth that make any sense. Do you think that I would get in trouble if I backhanded him right here, right now. How cool would that be. I bet all of his group members would give me high fives and then join me in kicking his ass. I love daydreaming:)

So there we have it. I have gotten none of my personal work done today, but I have had some rather horrific flashbacks from some of my similar group projest experiences as well as been turned off quite a bit from grad school. But hey, it made for a good story for the rest of yall.


Blogger audrajane said...

the worst is the over-achiever. they usually fall into the "older guy" group. well at least for me they did (and they were usually "older women"). See they are always the ones who are not satisfied with doing enough to get the A. They always want to go above and beyond. Any how, let me tell you... GET YOUR MASTERS!!! It is so freaking easy. Seriously. Much easier than undergrad. However, there a a lot of those crappy group projects.

2:13 PM  
Blogger Angie said...

So yeah I was thinking the other day about this whole group project thing in college I HATE them b/c no matter what you always get a variety of the four you described. Personally bringing along your infant child GRRREAT Idea...or NOT so much! I swear some people are so stupid! I feel bad for you in that you were around that chaos, I'd shoot myself!

12:04 PM  

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