Sunday, March 06, 2005

Tired of Thinking

Here I am in the great city of Chicago, at one of the coolest musuems I have ever been to, and I cant for the life of me make myself read any of the displays or study any of the pieces. Damn...I am just tired of thinking. I have been absorbing information all damn day long and my tired brain needs a rest. But there is so much more to see. So much more to learn. When is the next time I will be at this musuem? When is the next time that I will get to see the unique art of plastination? Probably not for a very long time. But somehow, I find it alright to walk around in a state of mental numbness. Not really taking anything in. More like me staring at things, but not registering anything about the object in my sight. Looking at the words that make up the description of the piece even though I wouldnt be able to tell you a damn thing about what I had just "read" if you asked me. Ha. What does it take to keep a train of thought? You could tell me, but I probably wouldnt remember what you said. Ah....screw it......I am crazy.


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