Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Rules of the Shotgun Call

I think that it is about time to clear up the rules of the shotgun call. Everytime we eat as a group at work, the rules come into question. So let's break it down.

Rule 1: All riders must be outside of the site of of origin before any call can be made.
Rule 2: If the source vehicle changes after all shotgun and bucket calls have been made, the calls must be re-stated. All original claims are non-transferrable.
Rule 3: There will be no use of the machine gun call (Using a rapid fire shotgun call in order to prohibit other participants from calling gun....ex. Repetitiviely calling shotgun, shotgun, shotgun)
Rule 4: All callers must use the full name of the seat position that they are calling. Abbreviated position calls are null.
Rule 5: If for any reason the owner of the source vehicle can not drive, the shotgun is defaulted to them.
Rule 6: If an occupant of the vehicle is handicapped, they are automatically granted all shotgun privileges. In the case of multiple handicapped riders, the group must decide who is considered more handicapped.


Anonymous actionBERG said...

Good topic. There definitely needs to be some distinct rules. On rule #4, what about using the term "shotty"? I would think that would be acceptable.

What about a rule on claiming specific seats? Like if you call passenger side bucket.

8:45 AM  
Blogger Mikey-D said...

So after a discussion with the guys at work, we came to the conclusion that riders may designate the location of their bucket calls (i.e. driver-side bucket or passenger-side bucket). However, if one rider calls bucket, another calls driver-side bucket, and another calls passenger-side bucket(in that order), then the first two calls are honored. Even if a more descriptive call is made after a generic bucket call, the principle of the shotgun call is and always will be the speed of the call and not how detailed the call was. Therefore, in this case, the driver-side bucket seat would be awarded to the second caller and the other seat would be awarded to the first caller. The third caller, despite being more descriptive on his/her call, is still slow and will therefore be punished with riding bitch.

7:09 AM  

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