Saturday, March 26, 2005

Online Defensive Driving

Well here I am at Starbucks taking my online defensive driving course. While this is not exactly exciting, I have learned some pretty interesting things. Most notable: old people cant drive worth a crap. While people over the age of 65 only make up about 10% of the driving poplulation, they are the cause of roughly 13% of traffic deaths and 17% of pedestrian deaths. That is plain scary. As I read these types of statistics, my first reaction is to tell old people to stay off of the roads. However, as I think about it more, I realize that when I am 65, there is no doubt that I will be on the road. There is no stopping old folks from driving so maybe there should be a focus on an alternative method of decreasing the driving related fatalities caused by geezers on the road. Maybe some sort of mandate on the size of the vehicles driven by folks over 65. The way I figure it, the ratio of fatalities to accidents when talking about the older drivers is so high because the percentage of old folks driving big old clunker cars is so high. It seems pretty obvious to me that if we can put old folks in some little geo metros or something that the fatalities would significantly decrease. Sure the chance of death goes up for the person(s) in the geo, but the chance of death would be significantly decreased for all others involved. Just a thought. Although when I am 65, I am going to be driving the biggest hunk of metal that I can find and I am going to be taking out all of those jack ass, tailgating, no driving honkies that annoy me on a daily basis. Sorry if I add to the bad statistics, but somebody has got to do it.


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