Friday, March 25, 2005

AOL Sucks The Big One

So I tried one of those stupid schemes where you are supposed to sign up for two offers and then you get a free gift card or iPod or whatever. doesnt work. Not only that, but I learned that cancelling AOL is a big pain in the ace. AOL was one of the things that I signed up for because I figured that it would be nice and simple to cancel my plan if I needed to. Boy was that wrong. First off, is it just me or do companies make cancelling accounts excruciatingly difficult. I am sure that they do this on purpose, but it sure as hell doesnt make it right. I mean why the hell do I have to call and talk to a customer service rep to cancel my freakin account. I will tell you why. It is because AOL employs people that love to harrass the hell out of you over the phone. All I wanted to do was cancel my account. Nice and simple. Well not according to Billy the phone operator.

Billy: Well sir, what can we do to keep with you AOL today?

Me: Nothing. I just want to cancel.

Billy: Can I ask why sir?

Me: I just want to cancel!!!

Billy: Well how about we continue your 2 week trial and then if you decide to cancel you can call back.

Me: NOOOOO!!!!! I want to cancel now so that I dont have to deal with the hassle of remembering again in two weeks and then getting billed.

Billy: Well we here at AOL dont cause a hassle for you. How do you feel that we are causing a hassle? We will send an email reminder and the a simple phone call and you will be cancelled.

Me: No...This is the hassle I am talking about you blabbering jack ass. Cancel my damn account right now!!!!!!

Billy: Ok sir....your account has now been cancelled...thank you for choosing AOL. I hope you have a wonderful day now that I have thoroughly pissed you off at me and my piece of crap company.


I will never try to get anything free ever again!!!!!!!!!


Anonymous Christy said...

Hahaha!! I canceled my Netzero today and same thing happened!!

9:08 AM  
Anonymous actionBERG said...

You didn't really call him a blabbering jackass did you? He is only doing his job. You big meanie.

9:14 AM  
Blogger mattrose said...

I know exactly what you mean. My hatred goes towards SBC. They are an evil corporation that should be destroyed. About two years ago they made a mistake and sent me a bill that had two months worth of billing on it. Im not saying that I was always on time with my bills but I sure hadnt missed a month. I had smartly thrown away my bank statement that could have proven it but I thought that it was not a big deal and that once I made them aware of the mistake they would surely fix it. No. They argued with me and told me to pay with a credit card or they would send it to a collection agency. I payed it and told them to cancel all my services. They then asked me why, like they hadnt just screwed me out of seventy some-odd dollars. I told them and I quote, "I want to cancel my service because your company sucks and you screw your customers every chance you get." They cancelled all services and I signed up for service with Sage. Sage is awesome. I never had a problem with them and my service cost $30 a month with 30 free long distace minutes every month. Ten months after cancelling my services with SBC (aka Satan's phone company) I got a past due bill for $90. When I called them to ask if they were retarded they told me that I had cancelled my service but unfortunalty I had not successfully cancelled my call notes which cost $10 a month. I asked them "Why in the hell would I cancel service with a phone company, all service, and chose to keep call notes that no one, including myself, could access". Their answer was "I dont know. That doesnt make much sense. Give us money". Well I did, once again. Because they had successfully raped me, once again. But I swore on that day I would somehow, someway, someday cause the downfall of SBC. I probably wont but if anyone has any suggestion let me know. Im open to new ideas.

2:50 PM  
Blogger Josh said...

lol sounds like an artificial intelligence robot! Guess AOL is downsizing on employees.

4:43 PM  

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